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Snow, Ice Ground Flights Across Europe
Severe winter weather continued to disrupt travel across Europe on Monday as airports struggled to clear a backlog of flights amid fears many passengers won't get home in time for Christmas.

Thousands of stranded travelers camped out in terminals overnight after heavy snow and ice grounded planes. Frustrated travelers expressed fury at transport officials' inability to clear snow and ice from planes and trains. [Wall Street Journal] FULL STORY 

N Korea raises military alert
North Korea's military has raised an alert for its artillery units on the west coast in readiness for a planned live-fire drill by the South, a government source said today.

"We understand that there's been an upgrade in alert at artillery units," he said.

South Korean marines are expected to stage live-fire drills off Yeonpyeong island, hit by a North Korean bombardment last month, some time before nightfall on Tuesday. [Irish Times] FULL STORY

UFO Over Chinese Airport
UFO Over Chinese Airport
On July 9, 2010, an unexplained phenomenon appeared over the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China, causing massive flight delays.

Boat sinks in Surma, 35 dead
Sunamganj, Dec 18 - At least 35 people, all women and children, have drowned as a boat capsized in the Surma River in Sunamganj.

Around 10 people are still missing since the boat capsized.

The boat, heading towards Itna from Bholaganj, was carrying around 50 passengers.

Of them, only five-six male passengers could swim shore. [] FULL STORY

Wikileaks cables on Bangladesh reveal truth behind Minus 2, DGFI's role in forming IDP
The most intriguing cable as far as Bangladesh is concerned, originating from the US mission in New Delhi dated April 27, 2007, reveals
The first batch of US embassy cables related to Bangladesh, released on whistleblower site WikiLeaks, has failed to reveal much that the public will find particularly enlightening or interesting, except maybe an affirmation that the “Minus 2” strategy to remove the leaders of the Awami League and BNP had in-fact been in place in 2007.

In probably the most damaging revelation contained within the handful of cables released so far that touch upon Bangladesh, the DGFI is implicated in an effort to absorb the banned terrorist organization, the Harkat ul Jihad, into mainstream politics through a misbegotten attempt at forming the Islamic Development Party (IDP), just before the December 2008 elections. [UNB] FULL STORY

>Bangladeshi killed after abduction in Afghanistan
>'Muslims changing behaviour goes unnoticed'
>Indian BSF shot dead a cattle trader in Nilphamari
>India accused of widespread Kashmir torture
>War crimes in Bangladesh; 1971 - Answering for history

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