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India plotted intellectuals' murder
Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami yesterday echoed the acting party secretary general's comment that the Indian army had plotted the murders of Bangladesh's intellectuals on December 14, 1971.

Acting chief of Jamaat Maqbul Ahmad repeated the claim yesterday at a discussion in the city in observance of the Victory Day.

Besides, acting secretary general ATM Azharul Islam said at the discussion the then "elected chairmen" from Awami League, and not Jamaat, formed "Razakar" and "peace committees" in '71. [Daily Star]

Watch: Caught on Tape: Gunman Takes School Board Hostage
A gunman killed himself after opening fire on a Florida school board meeting. He was confronted by two school officials, one who attacked him with her purse, and another, the security chief, who fired his gun at the shooter.

Police said a 56-year-old man disrupted the the Bay District School Board meeting in Panama City, Fla., walked up to the podium, pulled out a can of red spray paint and painted a large letter "V" with a circle around it.

"The shooter approached the front of the board members, spray painted a symbol on the wall and fired an unknown amount of rounds," said Panama City Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jeff Becker.  [abc News] [WATCH  VIDEO]

Sylhet border occupied by Indian BSF
About 300 BSF personnel with 200 Indians stormed into the Bangladesh territory and occupied an estimated 230 acres of land, the Pratappur BDR camp said.[New Age BD]

Indian Border Security Force on Tuesday occupied a piece of land at Padua in the frontier area of Pashchim Jaflong of Gowainghat in the district.

Earlier in April 2001, the Indian border guards also occupied the place.

Witnesses said tension prevailed in the frontier as Bangladeshis protested at the move of Indian guards.

About 300 BSF personnel with 200 Indians stormed into the Bangladesh territory and occupied an estimated 230 acres of land, the Pratappur BDR camp said.

The Sylhet BDR sector commander, Colonel Niamul Fatemi, said as tension prevailed in the area, more BDR personnel were sent to the area to tackle the situation.

We protested at the incident and a meeting with the Indian guards will be held at the zero point in the area on Wednesday morning, he said, BSF troops showed unfriendly attitude and the land survey will not resume until they get back to their previous position.

Bangladesh and India are conducting a survey in the disputed area after a meeting of the Joint Boundary Working Group held in November. The Bangladeshi survey team visited the area on Tuesday.

Local sources said Indian guards had taken position with heavy arms and ammunition. Bangladeshi guards also took position.

The Gowainghat police said Indians, with the help of BSF personnel, had occupied the land on Tuesday evening.

27 Asylum Seekers Die as Boat Sinks off Australia
[Picture] People clamber on the rocky shore on Australia's Christmas Island during a rescue attempt as a boat ferrying asylum seekers believed to be from Iraq and Iran breaks up in the background.

A wooden boat packed with around 70 asylum seekers smashed apart on jagged rocks in heavy seas off an Australian island Wednesday, flinging screaming women and children into churning whitewater and killing at least 27 people.

Christmas Island residents on a cliff above watched in horror as the boat broke apart with a crack, dumping passengers into monstrous waves that pounded them against the rocks.

"It was just horrible. People getting crushed. Bodies, dead children, the whole thing was pretty awful," island resident Simon Prince told The Associated Press.[abc News] FULL STORY

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