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Leopard shot after mauling six in India village rampage
Daily Mail, 11th January 2011
This is the moment a leopard’s eight-hour attacking spree came to an end, when two bullets were shot into the big cat’s chest from point-blank range.
Police officer Vikas Dhas was forced to use his pistol after the leopard pounced on a man who was leaving a bar in Karad, in India, at lunchtime.

The animal had strayed into the small town and, confused, frightened and frustrated at not being able to escape, attacked half a dozen people yesterday. Daily Mail>>

Saudi sentenced for beating and stabbing maid
The Telegraph, Tuesday 11 January 2011
Photo: AFP
A Saudi woman who beat, stabbed and burned her Indonesian maid has been jailed for three years by a court in Medina.
Reports in the Saudi media said that the unnamed employer was sentenced on Sunday even though she claimed no knowledge of the wounds inflicted on the domestic help, Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, 23.

When pictures of her injuries – burns to her head caused by a hot iron and cuts to her lips inflicted with scissors – appeared, the Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono demanded justice for the "extraordinary torture". The Telegraph>>

Animals shot 'in cold blood' and left to rot at top British safari park
Daily Mail, 10th January 2011
Just a few months ago, these animals could be seen gamboling through rolling fields to the whoops of excited children at of one of Britain's top safari parks.
Now their corpses lie rotting in a secret dump site after allegedly being gunned down by keepers in a cruel wildlife cull.
The grisly images were taken by photographer Penny Boyd, 58, who until recently worked at Merseyside's Knowsley Safari Park. Daily Mail>>

Palestinian mother tells of a family tragedy during protest against separation barrier
The Observer, Sunday 9 January 2011
Photograph: Observer
Daughter becomes third casualty in a West Bank family dedicated to 'non-violent resistance' against Israeli barrier
Sitting on a bed in the family house, surrounded by posters that commemorate the death of her son, Subhaia Musa Abu Rahme laments her latest loss. Jawaher, her 35-year-old daughter, died on New Year's Day after collapsing in her home village of Bil'in during a demonstration against the Israeli separation barrier. Despite assurances to the contrary from the Israeli army, her family insist that she died after inhaling massive quantities of tear gas. The Observer>>

White girls seen as 'easy meat' by Pakistani rapists, says Jack Straw, Saturday 8 January 2011
Photograph: Dave Thompson/PA
Row erupts after former home secretary says grooming for sexual abuse is a problem among some Pakistani men
The former home secretary Jack Straw has been accused of stereotyping Pakistani men in Britain after he accused some of them as regarding white girls as "easy meat" for sexual abuse. guardian>>

Israeli military 'regrets' killing wrong man in Hamas raid, Friday 7 January 2011
Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters
Unarmed Palestinian Amr Qawasme was shot dead during IDF operation to arrest militants in Hebron
The Israeli military has said it regrets shooting dead an unarmed 65-year-old Palestinian man who, according to his family, was asleep in bed in the West Bank city of Hebron when soldiers mounted a raid in search of Hamas militants. guardian>>

>Saudis capture a vulture "trained by Israeli Mossad"
>Now experts claim hundreds of birds found dead in Louisiana may have hit power lines as spate of deaths leaves scientists baffled
>Surge in Britons converting to Islam
>Plague of snakes and crocodiles threaten flood-hit Australians


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