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Bangladesh-India: hunger strike you haven't heard of
Thursday 29th March, 2012 

An Indian boy flies a kite against the backdrop of a sunset near the Indo-Bangladesh border village Raimura near Agartala, capital of Indian northeastern state Tripura on July 26, 2008.
(Parthajit Datta/AFP/Getty Images) DHAKA, Bangladesh - By the eighth day of the hunger strike, Mijanur Rahaman had lost 15 pounds of bodyweight, and his blood pres...

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Bangladesh: Detergent Cannot 'Clean' Like Ash 
Thursday 29th March, 2012 

DHAKA, March 29 (Bernama) -- Some old practices such as using ashes to clean utensils are still surviving in Bangladesh, competing with modern inventions for kitchen.
Nobody can relate exactly when the ashes used as detergent started, but it is sure the practice has a history of centuries.
Today, ashes produced in conventional home-made oven ...

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Bangladesh Sunderbans Wildlife Survey Finds New Species of Leopard 
Wednesday 28th March, 2012 

India , camera traps set to capture film of Bengal tigers instead provided evidence of an altogether new species - a never-before-seen big cat related to the black leopard.
The animal has been described as being a small black cat with a long tail and is unknown to zoologists.
The new species is bigger than a wild cat but smaller than the more fam...

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