Former PM Khaleda Zia evicted from her house

Posted 14.11.10

Bangladesh opposition leader BNP Chairperson former PM Khaleda Zia on Saturday said police dragged her from the bedroom of her house in the Dhaka Cantonment in a single dress.Sources said Kahleda will now temporarily reside in her younger brother Shamim Iskender's Gulshan residence (Agencies)

Addressing an impromptu press briefing at her Gulshan office at 7 pm, Khaleda Zia termed "state terrorism" the manner in which she was treated by the government while evicting her from the house bearing long memory.

‘They hurled abusive words on me indiscriminately,’ she said. ‘I am humiliated and insulted… The way they treated the widow of a slain president shamed me,’

"If such ill treatment can be meted out to the wife of a former President who proclaimed the war of independence and also was an ex-chief of army staff, what would happen to the common people," she said.

At one stage, Khaleda Zia broke down in tears while narrating how she was forced out of her 6 Shaheed Mainul Road residence.

As tears rolled down her cheeks, the party leaders and workers present at the briefing could not check their emotions for long and they also broke down in tears sharing their leader's pangs and agony.

Refuting the ISPR statement that she had voluntarily vacated the house, Khaleda said: "I put the matter to Almighty Allah and the people for justice for the manner I was ousted from the house in disgrace."

After the press briefing, Khaleda left her Gulshan office. It was learnt that she will be staying at the Gulshan residence of her younger brother Shamim Eskander.

Having spoken to Khaleda after she reached her Gulshan office, BNP's Delwar said in a press briefing on Saturday that the BNP chief was made to leave her house against her wishes.

"This is not only illegal but an unprecedented incident. And we firmly protest against it," said Delwar.

The main opposition's number two also said that doors and windows of Khaleda Zia's 36-year old residence were being broken down. "We have just come to know of this."

Quoting Khaleda Zia he told the press briefing that she had only been given 10 minutes to clear out of her residence.

The police and Rapid Action Battalion personnel broke through the door even before their 10 minute ultimatum was over.

"The law enforcers forcibly dragged her from the chair she was sitting in and boarded her on the car."
Delwar also claimed Khaleda's possessions were kept in the house.

"The chief justice in the morning assured our lawyers that the government will not evict Khaleda from the house, but it did, and that too by force," he said.

He termed the eviction 'aggressive' and an instance of 'terrorism of the state'.

The BNP’s secretary general, Khandaker Delwar Hossain, announced a general strike at an impromptu briefing at the party’s central office at Naya Paltan about 1:30pm, as the authorities initiated the process for the eviction early in the morning, triggering protests across the country.

This is the second countrywide general strike since the June 27, 2010 strike to protest against shortage of power, water and gas, ‘oppression’ on opposition leaders and activists, closure of media houses, ‘torture’ on newsmen, the government’s attempt to ‘control’ the media, tender violence, land grab by ruling party men, harassment of girls in educational institutions, politicisation of administration and signing of deals with foreign countries ‘compromising national interest.’


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